a competitive EU auto industry, driving the mobility revolution

What are the challenges?

Our sector is in the midst of the biggest transformation in over a century. We are fully committed to the Paris climate goals and are heavily investing in the green transformation. There is no question for us about the need to decarbonise – the future of our planet is at stake. We are investing billions to make this happen – far more than any other sector.

The green transformation brings with it whole new value chains, which Europe has not yet fully developed. The transition to the digital age has also brought about profound changes in the business of vehicle manufacturers. At the same time, we are faced with fierce global competition, rising costs of doing business, increasing protectionism, and a radically changing geopolitical landscape.

Europe and the auto industry are at a critical juncture. The hurdles are huge, and the stakes are high. Urgent coordinated action is needed by European policy makers. Our aim with this manifesto is to support the EU’s new leaders by articulating our vision, making high-level policy recommendations, and setting out a focused, collaborative roadmap for action by industry and our partners.