a competitive EU auto industry, driving the mobility revolution

Why does it matter?
What are the challenges?
Why does it matter?

The automotive industry is a global leader and engine for growth in Europe. It provides jobs to around 13 million Europeans, contributes 7% of EU GDP, provides a healthy trade balance of more than €100 billion, and brings in well over €390 billion in government revenue. The sector is one of Europe’s most cutting-edge industries, investing almost €73 billion in R&D annually.

But beyond these and many other impressive numbers, the vehicles we make provide freedom for all and underpin our very way of life. Indeed, without cars and buses, adequate participation in social and economic life would simply not be possible in many cases.

Trucks and vans also have a vital role in society’s functioning; enabling all kinds of essential goods to be delivered to consumers and offering transport services to business partners. Indeed, most of our daily necessities, such as fresh food from the supermarket or medical supplies, rely on trucks or vans at some point in the distribution chain.