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Five policy recommendations for the next five years

Five policy recommendations for the next five years
We have formulated five high-level policy recommendations for the EU institution's next five-year mandate (2024–2029):
Time for an ‘Industry Deal’: Put industrial strategy firmly back on the agenda

Establish a holistic EU industrial strategy across all steps of the digital and green value chain: from R&D, mining, refining, components, and manufacturing; to charging networks, energy, purchase incentives, and recycling across the whole life cycle

Take a strategic view: Rethink the regulatory framework

Go beyond an approach focusing on piling up regulations, and instead develop a cohesive strategy with:

  • long-term planning certainty and sufficient lead time;
  • a more reasonable pace of regulation; and
  • viable alternatives in case of ‘exit strategies’ for specific technologies/substances.
Stay in the race: Make sure we can be competitive globally
Secure a level playing field for sustainably made European vehicles by defending fair and free trade rules and ensuring access to critical supplies
Make Europe an attractive place to manufacture and to work
Keep an open mind: Make technology neutrality a guiding principle
Ensure that technology openness fosters innovations and guides all EU regulatory proposals
Keep Europe moving: Preserve the mobility of people and goods
Mobility is key to wealth creation and must not be jeopardised: it should be affordable and accessible to all European citizens and businesses