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Roadmap for a #FutureDriven European mobility ecosystem
Roadmap for a #FutureDriven European mobility ecosystem

Given the scale of the transformation and challenges, no single stakeholder will be able to transform the whole mobility ecosystem alone. Therefore, we are putting forward a collective roadmap based on three pillars: supply, production, and demand.

This roadmap should be jointly implemented by all relevant partners. ACEA will develop an action and engagement plan for each of these pillars, to be rolled out over the coming months and years, involving relevant stakeholders. For some actions, our industry will sit in the driving seat; for others, we will support the leading partners.

Secure a reliable supply of critical materials, parts, components, and affordable energy

Promote a sustainable and socially responsible value chain, including in Europe

Accelerate the administrative clearance of procedures, eg for permitting

Guarantee a steady supply of affordable energy at a globally competitive price

Secure access to critical raw materials through trade deals and specific raw material agreements with third countries

Make Europe a hub for manufacturing green and smart vehicles

Create the conditions for manufacturing a full range of zero-emission vehicles, including small electric vehicles that are affordable to buy and profitable to produce in Europe

Accelerate the up- and reskilling of the EU automotive workforce​ so that it is equipped to build the green and smart vehicles of the future

Enhance automotive circularity via research, notably for recycling technologies

Drive the development of software-defined vehicles to unleash the potential for industry to excel in software development and data-driven mobility solutions

Develop and deploy automated vehicles that improve quality of life, enhance safety, and maximise the efficiency of transport in Europe

Scale up the market of zero-emission vehicles

Ramp up electric charging and hydrogen refilling infrastructure – suitable both for light- and heavy-duty vehicles – right across the EU

Boost the market uptake and deployment of zero-emission vehicles, using smart policy and technology tools to cater for diverse transport needs

Expand purchase incentives, procurement schemes and tax benefits for consumers and businesses

We invite all partners to join us in the #FutureDriven movement!